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Many of us arrive at Lakeside newly retired and wonder how we will spend our free time, while still remaining active.  The mountains beckon, but many of us weren’t regular hikers north of the border, so we don’t know what to expect. Here, we are faced with the altitude, the sun, and high temperatures, not knowing where the trails are and what they are like, what we might encounter along the way and a myriad of other factors.

Once you’ve accomplished the basics, you’ll be ready to join one of the local groups hiking at Lakeside.  Since being prepared is the main element in having an enjoyable and safe hike, we hope you find this website helpful.

In the early days a small ladies’ group formed in the Fall of 2005, with Friday hikes, leaving the option open to continue with Tuesday hikes. The ladies’ hikes started out on trails like the mixed novice hikes, but at a more relaxed pace. They gradually explored further into the mountains, and one day found themselves challenging the Three Crosses trail, returning via the Sky Race down.

Four members of the hiking group looking down from the Mirador.

Our trails are on Wikiloc.

Gerry Green led hikes for many years, he compiled the data of various routes that he mapped out and printed and distributed a pocket guide called “Hikes and Trails Around Ajijic” in 2005.  A revised and updated version followed in 2008, including GPS waypoints. These guides enabled hikers to explore further on their own with less fear of getting lost.

More recently, GPS data for the trails is being downloaded to Wikiloc which can be found on our Trails page.

A Monthly Leaders’ Schedule is drawn up by our Hiking Co-ordinators, with input from leaders and regular hikers, based on different areas to explore, previous hikes that hikers enjoyed and wish to revisit, time of year, and festivals and events. The schedule is comprised of three different hiking levels: Short Hike for newcomers to lakeside or those who have a limited amount of time, Intermediate Hike which is a bit more challenging and three plus hours in length, and the Advanced hike which can be challenging and from five to seven hours long. Some of the hikes are not local and require some travel time which we carpool in order to get there.

The weekly hiking schedule is posted on our Facebook page and available on email, if preferred via MailChimp, generally on Sunday, outlining the various hike options. You can subscribe to our e-mail list on the bottom of our website pages, or join the Ajijic Hiking Group Facebook page for updates and information.


Three hikers hiking up the arroya in the Ajijic mountains.

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Google map showing where the Ajijic Hiking Group meets before hikes.

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Button with contact information for the Cruz Roja emergency task force for hikers.

The Ajijic Hiking Group and it's members are Not Responsible for anything that happens while hiking.