Hiking at Lakeside!

Things to Know.

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Hiking in the Lake Chapala area is always an adventure.  Whether you are out for a leisurely walk up to the shrine, a shorter hike along the malecon, a longer hike along the cyclopista or any combination you won’t be disappointed.  Hiking in Ajijic can begin only a few steps away from your front door.

Hiking here is beautiful and rewarding, as there is something to see at every turn. 


How long is the hike.

Basic Gear


What to bring in your pack.

Thinking about hiking while in Ajijic?

If you have just arrived, or haven’t done much physical activity, we recommend easing into things by walking for an hour a few times a week along the Malecon or the Ciclopista. Then gradually incorporate some hill walking, perhaps by starting at the lakeshore and walking up any of the north/south streets as far as the street goes. You should be able to do this at a reasonable pace (under 30 minutes) while carrying on a conversation. It is important to do this on a regular basis until it no longer feels like an effort. 

Cruz Roja Ambulance/Rescue Dispatch Tel: 376 765 2308

The Dispatcher at the clinic can arrange mountain rescues, with a hiker giving instruction to the trailhead location and guiding them to the rescue scene. The Cruz Roja Clinic has a stocked truck kept there specifically for rescues, with lock boxes in it with all the ropes, ladders, and other rescue equipment. They will rescue first even if payment is not available at the time, BUT THEY DO REQUIRE PAYMENT AFTER THE RESCUE.

See you on the trail.

Button with contact information for the Cruz Roja emergency task force for hikers.

The Ajijic Hiking Group and it's members are Not Responsible for anything that happens while hiking.

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