Hikers Photo Gallery

See pictures from where we hike!

A Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words!

Fred R. Barnard

The Wow Point.

Mount Garcia

And off we go.

The Hang Gliding Lookout

Cactus and Lake Chapala

Scene from hike to Las Trojes

Blue mushroom in forest floor.

Hikers pants tucked in socks.

Hikers at rest stop above the waterfall.

Foal checking out contents of hikers backpack at a rest stop.

Sign on the mesa from Jocotepec to Hang Gliding lookout.

Hiker offering a helping hand over the arroyo.

See you on the trail.

Button with contact information for the Cruz Roja emergency task force for hikers.

The Ajijic Hiking Group and it's members are Not Responsible for anything that happens while hiking.