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Know Where You’re Going!

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Hiking around Lake Chapala can be a very exciting and challenging experience, especially walking up the steep cobble stoned streets. It is recommended to hike with a partner who knows the area or use a GPS.

Be smart, hike with care and enjoy the scenery!

Mt Garcia is located on the SW end of Lake Chapala, 9034 ft. (2755 M) to the Summit. The track from Trailhead and back is 6.6 mi (10.6km) approximately 6 hrs. including Lunch at the top. Along a good trail, with excellent views of the Lake Chapala area. The length and elevation make it a difficult hike , but the views at the top are worth the trek.

The Hike Starts at the Town of “ La Canada” , Thru a Slot Canyon, up a Steep Trail to the Oak Ridge, along the ridge to the Oak Forest , then Down the Chula Vista Trail (CV) to the Top of Chula Vista Norte,. Elevation; Starts at 6000 ft up to 7700 ft, down to 5000 ft.

This is an interesting loop trail start and ends near the Tepalo Waterfall Trailhead. Trail is apptximatley 4 Kms long along decent trails with some ups and down. Good morning Hike, about 3- 3 ½ hrs.

Good Trail up to Ridge, Along ridge to Best Lookout on North side of lake “WOW” , W along top of ridge and down Elimon Trail , can be over grown at top, down to the Carretera, approx. 5 hrs.

This track, 8km, connects 2 popular trails to the top of the Mountain (8000 ‘) above Ajijic. The trail can be hiked in either direction. The Chupanaya Trail (TRLHD INDCERM) is more difficult than the 3 Cross’s Trail (TRLHD SHRN).

This is an excellent trail across the middle of the town of Ajijic. The trail is well used and easy to follow, a nice 2.5 to 3 hour morning hike with good views, ravines and an Indian Ceremonial area used by the locals in the summer. The trail ends in the west end above the Carretera, in time for lunch at Don Lola’s.

This loop connects 2 major Trails in Ajijic. The Sky Race up to the ridge above Ajijic and the 3 Crosses trail back down back to the Tepalo Water Fall, a major attraction in the Area. Excellent Trails 6.2 Km (3.85 MI),long , elevation from 1676 M,(5500 FT)to 2286M(7500 FT).

See you on the trail.

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